What is occult?

Occult is an English word derived from the Latin word occultus. It means things that are secret, hidden, and mysterious. People have different views of what occult represents. Most people think occult is a demonic and evil practice geared towards obtaining supernatural powers. With that in kind it's no wonder that most people approach this topic with caution and in most cases, people are reluctant to discuss it.

So what exactly is occult and is there a reason to fear this practice?

 Since ancient ages, people have always sought the unknown. Exercises such as sorcery and witchcraft did not start yesterday; recorded history suggests that these practices were common although not condoned. Negative perception against supernatural powers is the reason occultism still sends shivers among many. If we approach this topic without fear, discrimination or unfair bias then perhaps we might understand better the world of supernatural.

The rise of satanic organizations and other religious groups promoting morally condoned practices are in the increase during the current era. These organizations are wrongly stated to encourage among others consumption of human fresh and using human beings as sacrifices. Some of these practices go beyond what many people understand  and feel is right in our society. It is important to note that not all occult practices are evil. Practice such tarot cards, spiritism, and astrology are regular in some societies.

Occult and the Christian religion

It’s hard to talk about occultism without the mention of the Christian religion. Satanism has a liberal view of the world and is more open the exploration of the unknown. Christianity wrongly labels any occult practice as wrong and hence forms the basis why there is so much negativity against the culture. The Bible strictly prohibits practices such as paganism, Omens, witchcraft, enchantments, Sorcery, and Satanism. For all those who follow Christianity or have in one time associated with the religion, it difficult to relate with occultism and the positive association it has with Satanism.

With that in mind, most people find it hard to discuss occult culture openly for fear of public condemnation. However, that it is not to say they do not practice, on the contrary, most people seek supernatural powers more often than we would like to believe. Because of lack of information, a lot of people end up in dangerous practices and cult. There are so many underground religions and organizations that sole aim is recruiting unsuspecting power-hungry individuals with the promise of greatness. At the end of the day these people end up manipulated, and their material possession lost. Worse still some pay the ultimate price of losing their lives or those of their loved ones.

Not enough information on occult practices

Thus, while not all occult practices are harmful, it worth noting that information regarding the topic is scarce. Therefore, those seeking the supernatural power are likely to get into organizations that are harmful and very hard to leave once you get in. It’s therefore wise that those seeking supernatural powers should gather enough information on the same. This is to avoid occult practices that may lead to them to grave problems.


Just like the world of supernatural is still relatively unknown occult most practices also create more question than answers. It’s hard to recommend or warn against occultism because of the broad division concerning the topic. Do your investigation on these practices and be the judge.

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