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Good Or Evil? Who Is The Bad Guy God Or Satan?

We live in a society that is governed by morals.  There are things and people that are considered good while others are considered evil. It is like in this world everything is categorized into two. Every decision you make can either be good or evil and you can either be good or evil. What is good? What is evil? Who is the bad guy, God or Satan? This article will discuss all this in detail.

The dictionary defines the term good as something that is pleasant or useful for a certain purpose. Evil is defined as something that is intended to harm. Evil is something that should be shunned while good is something that should prevail.

Who is the Bad Guy, God or Satan?

How can you really tell who is evil between God and Satan? Most if not all believe that God is the good guy while Satan is the evil one. What if Satan was the good guy? Which are the standards that are used to measure the goodness or the evilness of God and Satan? If it because the Bible says so, that could be arbitrary since Satan has not authored a book that tells people he is the good one, but if it is through observation of action, the better. The Bible itself has no or little evidence that shows the evil character attributed to Satan.

Based on the observation of action between God  and Satan:

  • God is a dictator- As seen in the Bible, he only tends to give two choices of obeying or disobeying Him. As much as he gives choices, the only choice you can make is choosing to absolutely follow and obey Him. Disobeying leads to death. If he was someone who is democratic he would have given people the freedom to do what they felt was right. Satan only rebelled against this dictator and was fighting for the freedom of others.


  • God Gives Divine Punishment-As depicted in the Bible, God is portrayed as a loving and caring Deity. If someone loves you, would he kill you for just not obeying his commands? It is clearly shown in the Bible where people are killed by plagues and fires. Why would someone create you with desires and then kill you because of satisfying those desires? If God was really a good person He would not have punished us for something that He is responsible for.


  • God is oppressive-The Bible show that Adam and Eve were denied the opportunity to eat from the knowledge of good and evil. Why would someone deny you the chance to have wisdom and knowledge? This is the only thing that Satan is accused of. Is it wrong to encourage someone to acquire knowledge?


  • God is a Deceiver- The Bible tells that God is good while his behaviours and actions show a contrary character. God has done so many evil such as killing torture and making man struggle. In order to disguise Himself, He has shifted the blame to Satan and painted Satan as the evil one.


In conclusion, if we were to base our judgement on behaviour and actions, God would be the bad guy while Satan is the good guy but if our judgement is based on faith then Satan is definitely the bad guy. Depending on what you base your judgement both God and Satan are both good and evil.


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