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“The Satanist knows that praying does absolutely no good- in fact, it actually lessens the chance of success, for the devoutly religious too often sit back complacently and pray for a situation which, if they were to do something about it on their own, could be accomplished much quicker!”
― Anton Szandor LaVey.

LaVeyan Satanism, founded on April 30, 1966, is one of the first above-ground distinct religions which declared itself as Satanic.

As followers, we stress dependence on the self rather than trusting and relying on any external power. It openly celebrates and accepts Man’s lustful nature. It totally promotes qualities like selfishness, hedonism, avarice, decadence, sense of self, and pleasure-seeking disposition.

Church of Satan

Anton LaVey formally formed the church of Satan on the night of April 30-May 1. LaVey was a nonbeliever, rejecting the presence of all gods. LaVey and his Church do not promote and embrace a belief in Satan as an entity who realistically exists and LaVey did not encourage the worship of Satan as a deity. LaVeyan Satanists understand that all Gods are works of fiction, so, instead of worshipping or engaging in friendship with such mythological entities, they place themselves at the center of their own universe.

The Church of Satan acknowledges that early rituals followed by them were mostly mockeries of Christian ceremonies and modernizations of Christian folklore defining the hypothetical behavior of Satanists.

However, as the Church of Satan progressed and developed it established its own specific communications and modified its rituals around those messages.

The Satanic Bible," - Basic Beliefs

LaVey published The Satanic Bible in 1969. The Satanic Bible, principal text written by LaVey and printed in 1969, is fragmented into four books:

  1. The Book of Satan - A poetic organization of the personality and ferociousness of Satanism.
  2. The Book of Lucifer - The Enlightenment. Leading to illumination. The theoretical and conceptual basis of Satanism.
  3. The Book of Belial - The philosophy and procedure for Satanic ceremony, magic and rituals.
  4. The Book of Leviathan - Writings for use in Satanic rituals. The Enochian Keys interpreted and explained by LaVey from the 17th Century texts of the psychic John Dee and assistant Edward Kelly.

The Church of Satan's philosophy

Basically, the central idea and concepts of LaVeyan Satanists are:

  • No one should instruct you on what to do, particularly with your own body.
  • Accomplish your desires, give in to temptation and enjoy the fads that other religions consider as immoralities.
  • No is indebted or obligated to anyone, and you can treat other people in any way you feel.


Misperceptions of Satanism

Satanism has been consistently and frequently accused of troublesome practices, largely without proof. There is a popular mistaken opinion that because Satanists believe in pleasing themselves first, they become inconsiderate or even psychopathic. In reality, responsibility is a major belief in Satanism.

Managing one’s life consist of being responsible for one's actions. Among the things LaVey openly and unequivocally criticized are: Hurting children, Rape, Stealing, Unlawful pursuit, using Drugs and sacrificing animals.



A Girl Who Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

A Girl Who Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

Dear Satan, An Animated Short About a Girl Who Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

“Dear Satan” is an amusing animated Christmas film, created by Anomaly London, about a young girl who accidentally writes a heartfelt letter to Satan, when she actually meant to send it to Santa. One little girl changes the way Christmas functions in Anomaly’s awesome film, narrated by the great Sir Patrick Stewart, with one hellacious typo.

Mayhem Israel Tour - אגדת המטאל בהופעה בישראל

Mayhem Israel Tour - אגדת המטאל בהופעה בישראל

After removing Varg from the band they finally come to Israel, that's a big statement for the world to see that Mayhem and Varg don't share the Same ideals on the zionists, it's a good thing to have this cleared that Mayhem is NOT a fascist black metal band!

? האם זה הסוף לדיון שנמשך שנים

אחת ולתמיד, האם מייהם היא להקת בלק מטאל עם דיעות פשיסטיות או לא, אני חושב שסוף סוף קיבלנו תשובה, לאחר שמייהם העיפו את וארג לאלפי עזאזל השנה סוף סוף הם מכבדים את ישראל בהופעה בלתי נשכחת, מדובר בהצהרה חד משמעית בה מייהם אומרים "אנחנו לא נאצים" בניגוד לדיעות הפשיסטיות של וארג (הסולן לשעבר של מייהם ובורזום) לבנתיים ניתן להגיד
 :) שמייהם היא לא להקת בלק מטאל פשיסטית

צוות ההנהלה מודיע מראש שבמידה בה הם יפתיעו לרעה
ויציגו אור שונה או דיעה פוליטית שמלאנית באמצע ההופעה
אנחנו נתנהג אליהם בהתאם

🤘🤘🤘!!!אבל לבנתיים, אנחנו מחכים לכם בישראל

Raven Metal ניתן להזמין כרטיסים באתר

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Know the differences - Gothic / Satanic / Occult Clothing

Know the differences - Gothic / Satanic / Occult Clothing

It is easy to club Gothic, Satanic and Occult clothing under one label. Most people will associate these types of clothes with either the devil or witchcraft. However, all these groups have their different style statements; and are not what they seem. Let's explore each of these styles for better understanding.

Goth clothing

When the English 'Goth rock' band rose to popularity in the late 1970s, it led to the beginning of the Goth culture. You can identify Gothic dress by the black or dark shades of clothing. Dark velvets, lace, fishnets, tight corsets are used in profusion. Black makeup is often used; dark eyeliner, nails and black lips. The colors used are often corpse-like; with sinister and mourning tones. Elements of the Victorian, the Medieval and the Elizabethan periods can be found in Goth fashion. Also common, are crucifixes, crosses and, ankhs.

Fishnets that are popular with Goth fashion are comfortable even in summer. They are worn on legs, arms and even as shirts. Long skirts trimmed with lace and flowing skirts are also in demand.

Satanic clothing

These are uncertain times. For young people trying to find their way, exploring the satanic way of life can be intriguing. With their exciting clothing, it's easy to get converted.

A must-have is a leather jacket that has an 'I don't care' attitude. A very fancy corset is also very popular among Satanists. Most of these corsets are ill-fitted. They are generally constructed badly and the plastic bones inside tend to wear off quickly. The jeans are absurdly tight and are a fashion statement. It is so easy to fall in love with satanic clothing.

Satanists also wear leather doggie collars. Most of these are embellished with studs. For Satanists, this is the epitome of style. T-shirts with catchy slogans are also worn. Pentagrams made out of cats are popular. There are a lot of witty slogans to choose from. The more adventurous Satanists wear leather horns.

Occult clothing

The definition of occultism is making use of internal thoughts to bring changes into the world outside. Nudity is promoted as clothing is said to hinder the flow of magical energy. To show their devotion to their goddess, the practitioners of Wicca perform their rites in the nude.

Some occultists wear tunics without undergarments due to modesty. The feet are left bare. Some groups wear clothing using symbolic colors depending on the ceremony or ritual. The pentacle is commonly worn by most occultists as a symbol of association to pagan religion. The pentacle in a disk that is inscribed with a five-pointed star that is called a pentagram. The five points symbolize earth, wind, fire, water and, spirit. Occult dresses define the position of a person within a group.

A waist cord in a group indicates that the person has been initiated. Some groups such as the Ovates or the Druids don colored robes that denote rank.

There is something decidedly fascinating about these garments, be they Goth, Satanic or Occult. The outfits are a statement of belief and attitude, more than something that looks good.

Satanic Holidays - Is Halloween a Satanic holiday?

Satanic Holidays - Is Halloween a Satanic holiday?

Many Hollywood movies depict Satanists celebrating around a fire. Blood is poured on the altar by witches, while the personification of the devil towers over the ceremony. However, this is far from the truth. Satanists celebrate many of the mainstream holidays just like everyone else. There are no rules about holidays. Satanists decide which holidays they should participate in. There are no set guidelines.  

Satanic holidays and their origin

Like many other holidays, satanic holidays were adapted from the pagan calendar. You can find their source in the satanic bible. It recognizes the changes of seasons and a celebration follows with pomp and joy.

Is Halloween a Satanic holiday?

Halloween has always been surrounded by controversy. For most people, it is innocent fun. but some people worry about its demonic connections. This leads to the question; is Halloween a satanic holiday?

In reality, Halloween has connections with Satanism only in some situations and that too only in recent times. If you look at history, Halloween began much before Satanism came into existence. Satanism as a religion was conceived in 1966. However, Satanists do celebrate Halloween, recent though the practice may be.

Satanists have a whole set of holidays that they like to celebrate. Let's take a look at some of them.


This is the most important holiday in the Satanist calendar. To Satanists, the path to the self is important so it makes sense to celebrate the revered moment. As the birthday is a special day, you can enjoy all that life offers. The New Year gives you a chance to be a better human being.

Walpurgisnacht 30th of April

This holiday is connected with the formation of the Church of Satan. Anton LaVey was the founder. This day is significant as it was the first time when the Church found public recognition.

The date of your initiation

Getting initiated into Satanism is a commitment. You may have made a pact or maybe a ritual was commemorated. To most Satanists, this act is personal and sacred. That is why this day is very important to all Satanists.

Spring Equinox 21st March

Spring is the time of awakening. During spring, the renewing of the self is recognized. Lucifer is often portrayed as Venus. So he is the apt choice to associate with Spring Equinox.

Summer Solstice 22nd of June

This is the time when the sun is at its peak and the days are long. This holiday is a reminder of the events that took place during the year.

Autumn Equinox 21st September

Autumn is the season for harvest. For Satanists, there is symbolism in the cycle of the moon, West and Lilith. 

Winter Solstice

As winter sets in, the earth goes to sleep. This brings memories of the cycle of life and death. This season too is symbolic. Satan's planetary counterpart is Saturn. Saturn reflects the necessity of endings. Only when things end can there be a new beginning.

Satanists love life. They look at children and animals as pure and never harm them. Satanists like everyone else enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine. They exchange gifts and enjoy the richness of life.

8 Types of Satanism and other weird "cults"

8 Types of Satanism and other weird "cults"

The commencement of modern Satanism (an often misunderstood term) is commonly documented during the late-1960s.  Satanism is not just one single religion. It’s, on the whole, a broad category of religions, worldviews, and literature all featuring a favorable analysis and elucidation of Satan.

Also, like any other religion, Satanism can be categorized into several different branches and factions. Some of them have aroused predictable interest, but others have lingered behind. At any rate, followers of the Left-Hand Path have formulated various ways to express their own adaptation of Satanism. Here we have explored some of them.

  1. The Church of Satan

The primary originator of an especially secular and atheistic type of Satanism was an American author and occultist Anton Szandor LaVey. According to LaVey, neither God nor Satan is a tangible individual. Satanism is defined by a celebration of the self by encouraging people to gratify their desires without fear of societal restrictions.

  1. The Satanic Temple

Similar to Anton LaVey’s adaptation of Satanism, the Satanic Temple also actually believes in the ideology of atheistic Satanism. They see him as a representation against oppression and subjugation. The group is now renowned for trying to erect a statue of Baphomet in Detroit because the city had permitted a statuette of the Ten Commandments.

  1. Luciferianism

Luciferians use the expression "Lucifer" in its factual sense. Lucifer is seen as a persona of enlightenment and illumination. The followers trust the equilibrium of light and dark and believe that each depends upon the other.

While Satanism acknowledges physical indulgence and Christianity concentrates on spirituality, Luciferians perceive their religion as one that searches for a balance between the two.

  1. Theistic Satanism: Temple of Set

The Temple of Set was founded by LaVey’s former right-hand man Michael Aquino and high priestess Lilith Sinclair, who broke away from the Church of Satan after LaVey had started to earn profit from priesthood offices. Its philosophies and viewpoints were distinctly separate from the Church of Satan resulting in theistic Satanism, where practitioners recognize the existence of one or more supernatural beings - Satan.

5.    Anti-Cosmic Satanism

It’s also known as Chaos-Gnosticism and the Temple of the Black Light. The supporters of Anti-Cosmic Satanists believe that the cosmic order that was created by God is an untruth and illusion. Furthermore, after that reality, there is everlasting chaos.

  1. Transcendental Satanism

Transcendental Satanism is a unique faction created by Matt "The Lord" Zane, an adult video director. His kind of Satanism came to him in a dream after taking the drug LSD. Its a form of spiritual progression in which the final goal is the uniting with an individual with what his own Satanic facet.

  1. Christian-Based Duotheism and Polytheistic Satanism

It includes a minor sect of theistic Satanist practitioners who agree that there is a constant and eternal war going on between the Christian God and Satan. They support Satan and believe that Satan has enough power to ultimately overpower God and win the war.

Another derivative of Theistic Satanism is polytheistic groups such as the Church of Azazel which worship Satan as one of many gods.

  1. The Cult of Cthulhu

Founded on the H.P. Lovecraft novels, the Cults of Cthulhu are small groups that have evolved with the identical name. Supporters have mixed Satanism, black magic, and the Left-Hand Path leading to radically different aspirations.

The Cult of Cthulu views the Old Ones as many other Satanists see Lucifer. They accept them as beings that desired to bring knowledge and free humanity from dependence.

Conclusion: Essentially Satanism approves and applauds life. The individual who follows the left-hand path is ultimately accountable for his achievements or descent.

Children and animals are revered and considered precious in the eyes of the Satanists.